Excursion To The Discovery Centre

Hi guys,

On the 26th of July the grade 5’s went to the Bendigo discovery centre. It took 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there. When we first got there we had to eat our snacks for 20 minutes.

After that my class went to the vertical slide. I decided to go on it but aventurally I didn’t go on it because I am afraid of heights.

Then we went to the lab. In the lab my friend and I made an ice pack, then a lava lamp. After the lab we ate out lunch.

Police box time! In the police box was a planetarium dome. In the planetarium we had a look at what types of planets there are. And we had to look at the night sky that night.

We went to the discovery centre because we are going to have a science fair. This was how day went at the Bendigo discovery centre.

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