What I know about federation

This is a pre test and we haven’t been taught anything yet so I’m not sure if all my answers are right.


Before Federation, Australia was divided into 6 separate……………………………..

The other country that Australia was part of was England.

Who’s is Henry Parks? I don’t know who Henry Parks is.

Why were the initial attempts to become a Federation rejected? I don’t know when the federation was rejected.

What role did Alfred Deakin play in becoming a Federation? I don’t what Alfred Deakin played in becoming a federation.

In what year did Australia become a nation? I don’t know when Australia became a nation.

Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister? I don’t know who was Australia’s first Prime Minister was.

How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants? The federation impacted on indigenous people and Chinese migrants because they have a different nationalities.

What do you know about the Eureka Stockade? I don’t know much about the Eureka Stockade.

What were some big events that have happened between 1901 and 1960? The big events that happened between 1901 and 1960 was world war 1 and 2.

Who were some important people between 1901 and 1960? Important people that were around was Don Bradma.



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