Zoos are essential – persuasive text

I bet that you wouldn’t like to be locked up in cage, for the rest of your life. Imagine that you scratched your nose, a lot people will be looking at you and you would get really embarrassed. You wouldn’t get any privacy.

Some animals can be caged in malls, like Ivan the silverback gorilla. Some animals could be in the same cages as other animals. When they leave, they may not ever see them again. I think that some animals should associate with other animals in the wild because they don’t have that chance in the zoo.

I think zoos should only rescue animals if they are injured, and then put them back in the wild because they would need to see their families again. Imagine if you rescued a baby cheetah, it would definitely need to go back to its family.

Once animals have been rescued from the wild, sometimes they never go back to the wild. Like Ivan the silverback gorilla, he was caged up in a mall for 27 years. And there is a video of Ivan going outside for the first time. He also picked a flower for the first time.

I think that you should be now convinced that zoos are not essential. If I’ve convinced your about this, would you rescue animals from the wild and put them back in the wild?


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