image It’s an adventure, it goes for 9 months. There are three friends.

The Australians joined with the Great Britain to fight the Turkish and the German armie. The Australians and the New Zaeland’s landed in Egypt for four months for training. They landed on a beach at Gallipoli called ANZAC cove. The Australians and New Zealand’s jumped out of the boats carrying 50k some soldiers sunk.

Term 3 Learning Goals!

Term 3 learning goals
Organization is one of our learning keys. Setting goals is part of our organization. Did you know we have short term goals? Short term goals help me achieve a long term goal. A long term goes for the end of the term.

– ignore other people and do my work.
– check the criteria.

– don’t skip pages in the story.
– chose just right books.
– use my bookmark to read the lines.

– know my times of my 3’s, 4’s and 5’s.
– know my division of my 3’s, 4’s and 5’s.


John’s visit

What shapes do you think are the best for building bridges? I will tell you the best shape to use is a triangle because it’s on an angle. I also think an angle is better because when it’s straight it will collapse but triangles hold up the straight metal or wood.

When we build bridges for our hot wheels car. I will be definitely using triangles and angles. Do you think triangles and angles are what your going to use.



My share

On Monday I did share. It was about a blugle that my dad use to blow at the cricket.

My friends in my class asked me to blow it, so blew it as loud as I can and most people blocked their ears because it was that loud.image

Term 2 2015

Today we talked about setting a long term goal. My learning goals for this term will be about English, Mathematics and learning behaviour.

The You Can Do It ( YCDI ) goal I will focus on will be to improve my ability to be organised. To do this I will keep my tub and document wallets tidy. I will make sure my blog is up to date with my learning.

In English I will focus on reading. To do this I will read at home every day. I will get a clear picture in my head and choose a “just right” book.

In Maths I will be concentrating on my times tables. I want to be quick and accurate at my 2s, 5s and 10s. To do this I will use the TT me website and do what Anke sets me each week.


Thanks to


Farmer Duck

imageI in year four. My teacher read me a picture story book. We read Farmer Duck to find hidden messages.

In Farmer Duck there’s a duck that! Has to do all the work for a lazy farmer. The duck got tied and tied. The other farm animals plant to make duck feel happy. They chased away the farmer and he never came back. And duck and the other animals owned the farm.

My goal for this term is to be successful. I will be prepared to do hard work .