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The Kelly Gang Biography

The Kelly Gang were a robbing and murderers. They were on the run for 2 years, they were also famous bush Rangers. The members of the Kelly Gang are Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, James Kelly, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart.

In April 1878 that’s when the Kelly Gang formed and started murdering, robbing. They travelled around the world and took over small country towns.

Ned Kelly was born in 1854 on a farm on the side of big hill near Beveridge. Ned Kelly’s mother was Ellen Quinn Kelly who had 3 children with George King. And 9 with John Kelly.

John Kelly found Ellen Quinn Kelly and married her in 1850 in Melbourne, Victoria. Ellen Quinn Kelly sisters were Catherine (Quinn) Lioyd, Jane (Quinn) Loiyd.

John (Red) Kelly died in Avenel in 1866 the age of 46 years.

The Kelly Gang were famous because they were famous bush ranges and were on the run for 2 years. People were also frightened of them from the costoms they wore.