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Mighty me in a minute

Me in a minute means that you do several activities in a minute and you write down how many you did or how long. We are doing this so that we improve our fitness and our Heath.

My results are…

The activities that I’ve chose to work on is skips, train track jumps and ski squat. In skips, my goal is to concentrate and have my skipping in time. My goal for train tracks is to concentrate and don’t look down or I will loose my coordination with my feet, I will achieve this by concentrating. My goal for ski squat is to think of something else and do moves with my hands.



This week my grade and myself did a chellange which was to find out how many people would fit in our double rooms, standing up.

I was a partner with my friend Grace we started off with drawing a square metre. 12 people fit in each square metres.

In the 1 big room, the area was 64 so we added the the 2 big rooms so it = 128. Then we did the middle room/bag room which the area was 28. Next we did 128 + 28 =156. The last thing we did was 156 x 12 = 1,872.