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Footy Colours Day⚫️⚪️⚫️

Yesterday NGPS  had a footy colours day because the footy grand final.   I wore a Collingwood football jersey and skins underneath my shorts. We also had an icy pole and had to bring in a $1-$2 donation. There were 5 people who wore Collingwood jerseys. There was 1 person who forgot to wear their Fremantle jersey.

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Fantastic Footy

This Wednesday I played interschool sport and it is football. In our first game we played Holly Cross and the scores were 0-1, we won. In our second game we won, the scores were 0-12. Then we went to grand final, it was a tough game between New Gisborne and Gisborne primary, but in the end we lost by 24 points.